SNES games emulator
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Special Thanks

We would like to give special thanks to Wnelson! Without him, ZSNES would never have existed. Thanks also to YOSHI for his excellent SNES docs, help, and excellent support! Thanks also goes to Neviksti, The Dumper, Lord Nightmare, and others who have contributed to improving ZSNES that aren't named here.

We would like to also thank the following people (in no particular order):

  • Crono for some info on Sound Blaster programming
  • the current ZSNES developers
  • Aquis for creating the previous ZSNES logo
  • hpsolo for creating the last design for the ZSNES homepage as well as doing some scripting to make things easier.
  • km[merlin for having created the design used before hpsolo's for the ZSNES homepage
  • Chris Hickman for designing the old ZSNES web page
  • all those people who helped us through service or support
  • the fans of ZSNES

All graphics, php scripting, and design for the current site are done by Radio.