SNES games emulator
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Interpreting the Blip feed

The ZSNES Blip does not use XML, since I lack the knowhow to create something in such a manner. XML would also be bloated for the task at hand which is simply to produce enough data to define a few variables. The feed is simple a string of declarations seperate by semi-colons. The name of the var is on one side, while it's value is on the other. It is recommended that interpretors use the varname and not base it on magic number offsets.

Each varname is composed of letters and/or numbers. The only other character that will ever be used is the underscore (_). Everything between the following equal sign (=) and the next semi-colon is treated as the actual data which corresponds to that varname.

The feed is received via HTTP GET request. Below is a list of the variables and what they represent. Hopefully this will help other webmasters in keeping better track of ZSNES.

  • ln - A unix timestamp of the last news post made on the main page.
  • lv - The version number for the latest ZSNES Release
  • w32 - The download URL for the latest Windows binary
  • nix - The download URL for the latest Linux source
  • dos - The download URL for the latest DOS binary