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  • Added speed hack for Kirby Super Star (US)
  • SPC700 (Sound cpu emulation) is now enabled by default whether sound is enabled or not. Emulation will now be slower than normal if you usually run with sound off, but the compatibility is higher. However, you can disable this through the options window in the GUI if speed is of your concern. Also, a few games only run with it disabled so this option may be useful in those cases.
  • Decreased cheat code description length by 1 since the last letter was causing some corruption to the next cheat code
  • Added an option to raise the pitch level to the pre-v0.989 pitch levels, mainly for non-Creative brand sound cards.
  • You can now change the sound settings (Enable Sound, Stereo, Sound Frequency) with immediate effects without re-starting ZSNES. However, there seems to be some problems with stereo switching on SB Live!'s.
  • Configuration is now saved whenever you exit the GUI instead of just exiting the program
  • Lots of port preparation done on the source.
  • Memory/Commandline fix on the C version. A version should not be needed anymore (hopefully)
  • The GUI is now using the standard in-game video blitter rather than it own.
  • Fixed up SnapShot key in 8bit mode
  • Implemented 4-point gaussian interpolation. This is the interpolation used by the actual snes! Many thanks goes to Neill Corlett for his work on finding this info! Of course, this routine takes up an extra cpu load so emulation will slow down a bit if your computer isn't fast enough, but you can always disable interpolation through the sound options.
  • Fixed up Pitch Modulation method. Thanks again, Neill!
  • Pitch modulation was modulating from the wrong channel. Fixed.
  • Tweaked SuperFX timing.
  • Added a move window feature to the F1 menu
  • Expanded filename length in the GUI display for long filenames by 3, but had to decrease the directory name by 2.
  • Added support for % codes in long filenames

  • Slightly changed SB16 initialization
  • Forgot to remove DSP1 debug code
  • Fixed a pitch modulation bug when Voice 0 modulates Voice 1. Thanks to kode54!

  • Fixed some SA-1 sudden slowdowns. This does slow down the overall emulation speed in SA-1 games though.
  • All sounds were being played at the wrong pitch (slightly higher than normal. It's now fixed so Zsnes should sound better now. Thanks to kode54 for helping out here!

  • Added some SA-1 speed hacks (Kirby DX/Parodius 3)
  • Implemented SDD-1 MMC. But none of the SDD-1 games run properly yet because of the compression chip.
  • Fixed up some slowdown problems in SA-1 games
  • Fixed up dirty CPUID fix for Cyrix CPUs so that you don't have to re-run Zsnes twice every time.

  • Forgot to re-enable pitch modulation after disabling it for debugging purposes.

  • Re-added Sound Buffering. I was hoping to re-write it, but later found out that it wasn't worth the trouble.
  • Fixed some Triple Buffering bugs, but I can't figure out that flicker glitch on NVidia cards
  • Added Simulated Triple Buffering for cards without VESA 3.0 Hardware triple buffering. This method does some lose frames, but should be faster than v-sync. This only works on VESA 2.0 modes.
  • Fixed up directory sorting to always put ./.. at the top.

  • Added some more speedups to the SA-1
  • SA-1: Fixed a branch problem with the BRL instruction
  • Implemented Save Ram support into netplay. Thanks to The Minder for help testing this!
  • Added a hack to get Mario Paint trainered rom with the trainer removed to work with the snes mouse instead of the keyboard/joystick
  • Prevented Joystick Keys/Buttons to be selected as the diagonal keys in the GUI
  • Fixed some crashing problems with the Modem Mode
  • Implemented a key combination editor in the GUI
  • Sped up V-Sync
  • Fixed an SA-1 memory map bug! Fixes DBZ:HD.
  • Added an small speed hack for DBZ:HD
  • Implemented SA-1 Super MMC
  • Finally, after many, many hours of hacking. Figured out what caused the odd noise sounds! So far, simulated noise is implemented since the true nature of how this noise is produced is unknown so it will sound somewhat off compared to the original sounds. There is also a slight chance that some sounds will become noise incorrectly and vice versa.
  • Fixed up Pitch Modulation
  • Fixed SNES Mouse/Super Scope support when Pl3/4 as Pl1/2 option is enabled
  • ADSR/GAIN overhaul (Sound DSP) :
  • Fixed several GAIN bugs
  • Implemented Increase Bentline/Decrease Exp GAIN modes properly
  • Rewrote Decay/Sustain modes in ADSR
  • Fixed a restarting ADSR bug
  • Removed Sound Buffering. I don't think it's worth losing the quality of the sound for a small amount of speed boost.
  • Implemented an option to disable the Noise Simulation for those games that aren't working properly because of it
  • Implemented Triple Buffering. You can enable this through the Video Options in the GUI. Unfortunately, Triple Buffering won't work with 2xSaI/Super Eagle engine at the moment since they rely on the previous screen for updating nor will it work properly with high resolution games in the old gfx engine. Thanks to GreenImp for patiently helping through testing!
  • Implemented Full Screen Interpolation
  • Implemented Cheat Code Reflector (See Guinotes.txt for details)
  • Any proper VESA 2 error messages now doesn't exit the program when in the GUI but instead display the error message in a box and allows the user to continue.
  • Thanks to Daniel for lending me his copier which helped me hack the SNES Sound Noise/ADSR stuff!

  • Fixed DMA position reader to fix the high sample rate problem in SB-Live! cards. Thanks to ShihTzu for helping us with this!
  • Removed SB16 only message under stereo option in commandline help. Shouldn't really be there since v0.600.
  • Low Pass Filter is now disabled by default. But you can still enable it through the GUI.
  • Implemented an option in the GUI to not allow Zsnes to change the current start-up game path in the configuration. You can access this in Config->Options.
  • Joystick calibration values have been reset since there seems to be some problems with it. You may have to re-calibrate your joystick if it doesn't respond correctly.

  • Exit text now only displays when text mode is 80x25
  • Used hardware DMA counter to determine which sound block to write to rather than assuming it always starts at the first one for the sound routines. This should hopefully fix all those nasty sound static problems many people seems to have. Many thanks to Crono for the code and for his help!
  • Removed Re-Init Every 30 Second option. Shouldn't be needed anymore
  • Added the ability to disable the Low Pass Filter
  • Implemented Diagonal Keys
  • Implemented some SA-1 speedups


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